Friday, August 20, 2010

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

We follow Susan Sarandon over to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the purposely cheap homage to classic science fiction. Sarandon once quipped he had been in fifty plus movies, many of Oscar caliber quality, but this is the one goig in the time capsule. Kind of sad, really.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a British comedy/B-movie/science fiction/comedy/rock opera about two motorists, Brad (Barry Bostwick) and Janet (Sarandon) who are stranded at the mansion of Frank N. Furter (Tim Curry), a mad scientist from the planet Transylvania, while on their honeymoon. Furter is also a weird transvestite who makes Eddie Izzard look like a tent revival speaker.Furter is o the verge of creating his masterpiece, the perfect specimen of a man e calls Rocky.

The film is narrated by a criminologist played by Charles Gray, who is taking a big step backwards from portraying James Bond’s archenemy, Blofeld. The criminologist presides over the ensuing wild an wacky happenings, including some pretty catchy song and dance numbers, one involving Meatloaf, some gruesome twists, bad special effects, sex, and Sarandon in her underwear. Curry, too, but that I not a selling point.

I have seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show three times. The first time was as a favor to a friend who was in an audience participation version at the university of South Carolina. The experience had all ternary callbacks to the screen and various actions the audience is supposed to take. The night was all about the social experience of beig part of the fan base. It is like following the Grateful Dead, as near as I can tell. A good time.

The other two times have been once on television at Halloween an earlier as I watched the DVD. For this review. I hae to say when the movie has to exist on its own merits without the addition of an audience having fun, the movie flops. The bad script and cheap special effects are done on purpose as homage to the bad science fiction features of the past, but the impact of it is lost when it is just you watching it. The thrill jut is not there. I must confess there as not much thrill for me to begin with.

I have serious doubts I will ever watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show again and certainly not as a way to kill an idle evening. There is nothing here to recommend it for that. In a group, though, it might be worth your time if you ave the right heart attitude. That is, you are there to have a good time with riends, not to get egaged in a movie that cannot quite hold your attention. Some of the songs will stick with, though.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a good showase for character actor Curry, but he has been in a lot more enjoyable films and television shows than this.

Rating: ** (out of 5)

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