Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rocky V

Do I really have to elaborate much on Rocky V? The series hit rock bottom with the film. Sylvester Stallone himself considers it the most ill-conceived, anemic enty into the series. If I am not mistaken, Gene Siskel is the only major movie reviewer to give Rocky V a positive review.

The big problem comes down to the film being so depressing. Tragic things happen to Rocky in every one of the movies, but he has always overcome them to achieve a considerable measure of happiness and success. Y the end of Rocky V, he is I his mid-40’s, broke, and brain damaged after a redneck street brawl. The end. Rocky V does not cap off the series. It gives it the finger.

I will give some credit for its heart being in the right place. Rocky is seriously injured after his bout with Drago and I the poor house after his accountant squanders his fortune, yet he is prepared to start all over again and even take the offer of a Don King-esque promoter for another fight just to take care of his family. He becomes distracted from his son when the opportunity to mentor Tommy Funn. Rocky then has to struggle to find how his various responsibilities lie within his new lot in life.

What it does not work. Rocky’s misfortunes are more cruel than compelling. He never has that heartfelt reconciliation with his increasingly neglected son, which is odd considering the boy is played by Stallone’s real life so, Sage. The intention with Gunn was for Rocky to be his Mick, protecting him from the vultures that run professional boxing, but there is no emotional connection there, either. Rocky is angry over is losses and Gunn is jealous of being in his shadow, so they beat the tar out of each other in the back alleys of Philadelphia. Everything works out i the end. Sort of.

I cannot think of a single reason for anyone to watch .Rocky V. You can go from the fourth straight to Rocky Balboa without missing a beat. Unle you are a glutton for punishment, that is what I suggest you do. Even the rap theme music is awful.

Rating: * (out of 5)

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