Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Superman III

Pictured above is Superman having a stiff drink. I can only assume e as just sat trough the travesty that is Superman III.

Christopher Reeve is back in the title role, but he is about it. Gone are Gene Hackma and Margot Kidder (save for a cameo) , as are just about every element which made the previous films great. Robert Vaughn takes the role of the non-descript megolmaniacal villain. Ross Webster. Go ahead. Describe everything you remember about him. But the worst element is, of course, Richard Pryor. Superman was a big property for Warner Brothers at the time and Pryor was box office gold. But only in a studio executive’s mind could those things go together and make something good.

So what we et is Pryor’s shtick, which I will admit is funny in places, combined with super heroics that just do not seem right. I am not talking about just the altered personality Superman getting drunk ad then battling some split version of himself. I will be generous and credit the sequence with trying to carry on the theme of Superman’s identity crisis and attempting to top the huge battle sequence from the previous film. But when you add that strangeness with an irregular supporting cast and an unknown, uncoupling villain, you get a mess. A sort of Superman adventure with some Pryor antics inexplicably thrown in.

I will also rat the final battle is exciting and well down wit the special effects technology of the time period. Vera Webster accidentally turns into a cyborg and fights Superman. In my younger days, thought it was quite scary. these days, it is a neat, but not redeeming factor. It is like Shakespeare compared to what comes next in the series,

Rating: ** (out of 5)

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