Friday, October 22, 2010

Creepshow II

The moderate box office success of Creepshow allowed for a cheaper, more scaled down sequel to be released in 1987. There are only three stories this time around, cut down from the planned five because of budgetary restrictions. The budget also limited the number of high profile actors who would appear. Nevertheless, Creepshow II is Dorothy Lamour’s final film.

Yeah. Sad end to an otherwise great career.

“Old Chief Wood’nhead”

Also like the original, the first segment is the weakest. It is a straightforward revenge flick as a wooden Indian outside an old couple’s store comes to life and scalps a group of sadistic hooligans who torture and murder them after robbing the store. The young guys robbing the place are more vicious than Chief Wood’nhead, but the special effects are pretty neat, considering the budget.

“The Raft”

Tis segment makes the film for me. It may be my favorite out of all eight. A group o sprig break vacationers go to a remote lake. They find a wooden raft floating out in the middle, so they swim out to it. One of tem spots what appears to be a living oil slick approaching the raft. It reaches up between the cracks and grabs each one of them, dragging them into itself. The final kid thinks he has escaped when he buys enough time to make it to shore by sacrificing his girlfriend, but he as not. “The Raft“ definitely as the best ending of all eight segments.

“The Hitchhiker”

A lady hits a hitchhiker on a remote road while going home, but dries off in order to save herself from a murder wrap. Not tat the guy is actually dead. He keeps turning up, either in front of or on her car, while progressively more mangled and bloodied as she fights him off with her car. I cannot do just in writing how chilling his repeated, “Tanks for the ride, lady! Thanks for the ride!” You can probably guess where and how this one ends.

I am not as big a fan of Creepshow Ii as I am the original. This one does not feel like it was done as the lovingly homage to EC Comics the first is. The lower budget is clearly evident. With only three stories, the flaws carry more weight. “The Raft” makes the Film.” The other two are nothing special, save for that incredibly disturbing, “Thanks for the ride, lady! Thanks for the ride!” A disappointment overall.

Rating: ** (out of 5)

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