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I am a big comic book enthusiast. My tastes run more towards super heroics and science fiction, but any panelologist worth his salt holds the classic EC Comics horror titles in high regard. Said comics inspired Stephen King ad George A Romero to create tis darkly humorous box of poison bon bons as an homage to those comics of yore.

As I have said before, I am not a big fan of 80’s slasher flicks that relied exclusively on blood, gore, ad the occasional bouncing pair of boobs to sell tickets. Creepshow is a major exception. There is more than enough blood and gore to go around, but it is the clever stories and gruesome plot twists just like EC comics like make this my favorite modern day horror flick.

There are five separate stories:

“Father’s Day”

The first story is the weakest of the bunch. It is a revenge tale about a daughter driven to madness by the death of her husband. He was killed by her father, so she takes revenge by killing him. Daddy dearest return from the grave and makes her severed head the centerpiece of his father’s day cake. “father’s Day’ relies too much on gore to be interesting.

“The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill”

Written by and starring Stephen King, this one is a classic. Jordy, a lonely not too bright hick, gets infected by outer space kudzu when he touches a crashed meteorite out in the desert. His imagination runs wild as he is slowly covered by the stuff. The horror of this one is accentuated by Jordy’s dumb reaction to his own plight. It is bot funny and terrifying that he does not understand any of what is happening to him.

I defy you to not shout, “Meteor sh*t!” every time you accidentally et something on your hand after watching this segment.

“Something to Tide You Over”

This one stuc with me more than ay other. It is revenge plot involving Leslie Neilson burying two people up to their necks on the beach, then letting them slowly drown as the tide comes in. The two including Ted Danson, return as undead creatures who bury Neilson in the same manner. But it is not the zombies that keep this one fresh in your mind. It is the claustrophobia of being buried up to your neck and the fear of drowning that get you.

“The Crate”

‘The Crate” may well be the bloodiest horror story I have ever seen. A college professor discovers a monster trapped in a crate. He uses the creature to dispatch his annoying, uncouth wife. There is more blood in this than a Red Cross storage unit. It is unsettling, but intriguing viewing.

“They’re Creeping Up on You”

A Howard Hughes type mycophobic who is killed when his hermetically sealed apartment is over run by cockroaches. I do not have a particular bug phobia, but I am told by many who have seen this film this segment creeps them out the most. To each his own disturbances, I suppose.

I love this movie. It is certainly not one to dive into if you cannot handle ’80’s horror or are unfamiliar with the tone of EC comics stories. Even HBO’s Tales from the Crypt seven years later was tamer tan Creepshow.

Rating: **** (out of 5)

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